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Are Dentures The Right Choice For You?

Teeth that are damaged or lost from diagnoses like periodontal disease or osteoporosis can be replaced with full or partial dentures. Your confidence and social life are constantly affected by your smile and there is no reason to go through life afraid to smile or talk to people because you are not confident with your teeth. Modern Dental in East Windsor, NJ can help you come to the decision about what’s right for you.

Dentures are worn by over 49 million people in the United States, so you are not alone. Dentures, whether full or partials are plates of false teeth that are removed and cleaned daily. When your real teeth have to be removed we will fit you for your permanent dentures using an alginate mold. From that mold a set of false teeth will be custom made to fit your mouth and look like real teeth. Proper care of dentures includes nightly removal for brushing and soaking.

Full Dentures

Modern Dental offers appointments with your dentist to answer any questions about whether or not full dentures are right for you. Complete or full dentures come as either ‘immediate’ or conventional.’ Conventional dentures are made after the removal of the teeth and healing is complete. They are generally ready in 8 or 12 weeks for wearing.

Immediate dentures are different as they are created in advance. They are then positioned when teeth have been removed. Often they are preferred because the wearer doesn’t have to be without teeth while they heal. The problem with immediate dentures is gums and bones will shrink after the teeth have been removed so more adjustments are required.

We encourage you to continue coming for annual appointments to make sure that your dentures continue to fit right. It is important that you continue to get oral cancer checks and consult with the dentist if you have chronic sores or discomfort associated with your dentures after the first 90 days. Modern Dental will make adjustments as necessary.

Partial Dentures

These dentures are usually made with a bridge that has a base of plastic that is gum or pink-colored and connected with metal framework to hold it in place. Because we don’t recommend removing good, healthy teeth partials are used when several good teeth remain. We can design your custom denture plate to fit around your good teeth. You will want to schedule an appointment to determine if this is your best option.

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