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Endodontics: How The Affect Your Dental Health

Endodontics refers to treatment of the pulp or root of a tooth. Common endodontic procedures we perform at Modern Dental include root canal treatments and surgery on root ends, which is called an apicoectomy. Both root canal treatments and surgeries are performed on a tooth when an infection occurs in the tooth’s pulp, or nerve.

Pulp Infection

Root canals are spaces inside of a tooth that run the length of the root, and the pulp is contained within this space. The pulp of a tooth can become infected in several ways. If a tooth becomes decayed to the point that the pulp is exposed, then bacteria and food particles can get into the pulp, causing an infection. An injury that causes a tooth to break or chip can also expose the pulp to bacteria, leading to infection.

An abscess occurs when the pocket at the end of the root becomes filled with pus because of the infection. Not only is an abscess very painful, but it can also cause other problems, such as damage to the bone surrounding the tooth. In some cases, sustaining an injury to the mouth, even one that does not outwardly damage teeth, can cause damage to the nerve of a tooth.

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