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Invisalign Could Be A Good Alternative To Traditional Braces

At Modern Dental we strive to provide you with all the options in regards to the health of your smile as well as the looks. For many patients, this option in alignment can provide a more appealing and comfortable solution to getting a better smile.

Advantages and Disadvantages

One of the most obvious reasons our patients turn to Invisalign is for the appearance. This isn’t the only advantage over traditional braces. Invisalign is also easier to clean as you can remove the piece and simply clean away food. You can also brush and floss your teeth normally. On a broader perspective, there are fewer side effects with Invisalign. Traditional braces have an increased chance of tooth decay, demineralization and shortened roots because of the permanent nature of the structure. Finally, the advantage that is most often talked about is the comfort level with this alignment. Traditional braces can cause cuts and lesions on the lips, gums and tongue. With Invisalign the patient won’t have these problems.

The disadvantages are primarily patient dependent. They are more expensive than traditional braces and they are dependent on the patient taking proper care of them and wearing them for 20-22 hours minimal every day. In addition, Invisalign is not an advised treatment for teeth that need a large degree of adjusting.

Procedure for Getting Your Invisalign

You will meet with the dentist to decide if this is the best option for your teeth. Once Invisalign has been decided on, impressions, pictures and x-rays will be taken to insure you get the best fit. With these images the dentist will create an exact plan of treatment which will take into account how your teeth move. From this point the aligners will be created for your bite and individual teeth.

Care for Your Aligners

You will need to make sure you take your aligners out when you eat. Both your teeth and Invisalign should be thoroughly cleaned before placing them back in your mouth. Generally, you will need to come back in at about six weeks. You’ll be provided with three sets of trays to replace every two weeks, allowing for the adjustment your bite will be going through. After which you’ll need to come back into our office in East Windsor, NJ to insure your treatment is progressing as originally planned. You can expect treatment to take about a year, which is another reason this option is often favored over traditional braces.

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