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What Kinds Of Oral Surgery Does Modern Dental Perform?

Modern Dental performs several oral surgery procedures in our East Windsor, NJ office. They include simple extractions, wisdom teeth extractions and dental implants. Extractions may be performed on an emergency basis, or along with wisdom teeth removal and implants. We may also decide they need to be scheduled to address your ongoing oral health care needs.

Simple Extractions

There are several reasons for having a tooth pulled, known as a simple extraction. Sometimes people receiving orthodontia care will need to have a tooth pulled prior to being fitted with braces to alleviate overcrowding in the mouth. Teeth are also pulled in a patient because they are too damaged or decayed to be saved, and they need to be replaced with a crown, bridge, or implant. Teeth may also become abscessed due to infection, resulting in a lot of pain. In some cases, a patient will request to have the abscessed tooth pulled to alleviate the pain prior to receiving further treatment to replace the tooth.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth or to hold a bridge in place. To begin the process, a small titanium post is inserted into the jawbone. A temporary crown is attached to the post so that you will not have an empty gap. After a period of time, usually several months, the bone will grow around the post, holding it firmly in place. Once the post is set, a permanent crown is attached to the post, replacing the missing tooth. Implants may also be inserted in two positions in the mouth to make a firm hold for a bridge that can replace several missing teeth.

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