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Porcelain Bridges.

Modern Dental Offers Porcelain Bridges

Bridges are non-removable or fixed treatments to replace teeth that are missing. There is more than one type of bridge available for a patient, allowing them to be tailored to the patient’s specific needs. Modern Dental can discuss with you the variety of options available and help you make the best selection for the work you need done. We offer dental bridges that are made up entirely of porcelain for many of our patients. These porcelain bridges are both strong and visually appealing. They are also able to handle biting forces that are much higher than other bridges. At our offices in East Windsor, NJ, we can help you decide if they are the right bridge for your teeth.

Pros and Cons of A Porcelain Bridge

Choosing porcelain bridges allows you to have teeth that are more natural looking as the color of your new tooth can be made to closely match those in your mouth. They are often recommended for the front of the mouth because of this very reason. In addition, there is no metal used and therefore you won’t have the unsightly grey line along the gum line that comes with bridges comprised of metal.

You can however, have porcelain break if the force of bite is very high. These chipped bridges can be unsightly and sometimes painful. Because these bridges can potentially chip, this is another reason they are primarily used with the front teeth where the bite force is lighter. If a bridge is needed for the molars we can discuss options that are less prone to chipping.

Getting Your Bridge

When getting your porcelain bridge please plan to come into our office at least two times. You will have your teeth numbed as they’ll need to have some of the enamel removed for the crown. You will need to get a mold or impression that is very accurately made. This will be sent out to a lab to have your bridge fabricated from and you’ll be sent home with a temp to wear until your next appointment.

At your next visit the new porcelain bridge will be examined and adjusted. Once proper fit has been assured it will be cemented. It is a permanent affixture so you won’t be taking it out for cleaning. Please make sure to follow proper dental hygiene and care by brushing and flossing twice a day to insure the health of your teeth.

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